WINE TOUR (4,5h)

The wine began to please the “Heart of the Thira people” from the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. The history of viticulture on the island is lost in prehistoric Era.Try the volcanic wines of Santorini and walk around the traditional wineries.Learn about the ancient vineyard of Santorini, which is the oldest in Greece and one of the most rare vineyards in Europe. Be informed about the history of the island and the way the volcanic soils affect its wines. Visit 3 traditional wineries around this beautiful island and try a dish of 12 different types of wines served with local cheese and snacks.

This tour includes a private or group tour (depending on availability and preferences).

Daily Departure:

Tour begins at 10:00 a.m. Time may varies based on the hotel location (April 20th -November 1st)

Duration tour: 4,5 hours (approx.)

Sunset Tour

4:30 p.m. on daily basis, according to your hotel location (April 20th-November 1st)

Duration tour: 4,5 hours (approx.)

Best Moments:

  • Luxurious transportation to and from your Hotel or from Fira Town (cruise port).
  • Guide and private tour guide for your tour.
  • Visit 3 traditional wineries, walk to a volcanic vineyard and discover the unique viticulture.
  • Explore the cellars of each winery and discover where and how wine is bottled and matured.
  • Try a selection of 12 different types of wine from Santorini and Greece.
  • Discover the history of Santorini through its winery.
  • Enjoy a fun, educational and intimate experience.
  • Sunset Tour: Visit a winning winery and enjoy stunning sunset views along with wine tastings.


Discover the details of winemaking that have been estimated by the 3rd millennium BC, making Santorini one of the oldest wine making areas in the world.Discover the charm of the island on your journey. Visit 3 traditional wineries of the island and enjoy cellar tours to see how wine production and bottling process is made.

Learn about the unique vineyards by walking through the ancient vineyards of the island. Enjoy a unique wine tasting from 12 different varieties of wine from Santorini and Greece, such as Assyrtiko, Nykteri and the sweet Vinsanto wine.


All Included:

  • Pick up & return with luxury transfer.
  • Imports and wine tasting fees at wineries.
  • Wine tasting up to 12 different types of wine.
  • Snack plate with local cheese along with wine tastings at each winery.
  • All taxes included.
  • All entrances, snacks and snacks at the wineries.


Price List:

Group Tour: 110.00 € per person (3-6 persons)

Private tour: 350.00 € (2 persons)